Monday, April 16, 2012


Today's post is going to be on the lighter side considering that I had a very long day. The boyfriend and I found an awesome dresser curbside and snatched it at 4 am before the dump trucks came. Only problem is finding space in our tiny studio apartment. But, we seem to make things work. As much as the boyfriend and I fight, and I do know that it's an unhealthy relationship, I do appreciate just how brilliant and MaGyvereish he is. Life is a battle everyday with him, but soon enough I'll be rewarded once I finish school next February.

While he's getting his carpenter and many other talents on, I've been taking so much more of an interest in organic, home made, and do it yourself. I'm even going so far as to learning how to crochet (hopefully). One thing though that the boyfriend and I would love to do is to start an apiary. Right now we have a bumble bee and wasp problem. Having been stung by a wasp on the hand this weekend, I have the utmost motivation to get rid of these pests.I found an awesome DYI wasp trap on Pintrest and while coke nor vinegar really seems to attract them, I did at least catch a couple by manually trapping the ones that managed their way inside in to it.

What the boyfriend and I do agree upon is that we would rather have a hive of honey bees. There seems to be a variety of ways to care for them and some actually don't seem that expensive. He wants the honey bees more as a means to deter the bumble bees and wasps. but I would rather learn how to cultivate the honey since I am quite fond of this awesome and medicinal sweetener. If the ancient Egyptians figured out the many versatile uses of honey, and there's an affordable means to do it organically, well, why not?

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